How to dry and successfully polish your car with microfibers?

The cleaning tools microfiber show some appreciation for his household, but also the car. Indeed, a good microfiber does not require any maintenance product , is only used with water and protects the bodywork since no aggressive cleaner is used. Microfiber is also thought to shine various materials such as metal and windows.

The equipment necessary for drying and polishing your car

To effectively dry your car and make it shine , you will need two drying materials:

The microfiber drying towel for cars

The best car drying towel is ideal because it offers a high absorption capacity . It is advisable to opt for a large tea towel with a length and width of at least 50cm, but ideally choose one of 60cm .

Thanks to this large size , this microfiber can be folded 4 to 8 times to allow good grip . Its density of 500gr / m² absorbs water easily without getting too quickly engorged . This towel is to be used on a clean car .

The silicone squeegee for car

The silicone squeegee removes water from the body and therefore reduces drying time . Its handle being very flexible allows to follow the curves of the car to remove water as much as possible. Thanks to its silicone coating , you can scrape the surfaces without the risk of scratching them .

Finally, this cleaning tool can also be used on more fragile surfaces such as windows or a shower door.

How to dry properly and make your car shine?

From washing to polishing , a simple process is enough to make your car shine:

· Wash your car either starting with the dirtiest parts, or starting from the top;

· Ideally, dry as soon as you finish cleaning part of the car to avoid traces of dried water ;

· For drying , first use the silicone squeegee to remove the remaining water, then finish with the microfiber towel to dry and absorb the last residues of dirt or grease, without chemicals.

As you can see, it is advisable to work by segment when cleaning your car yourself to prevent the water from drying out too quickly and leaving streaks.

If you prefer to go to the car wash to clean your vehicle, the microfiber towel will also be useful:

· Car wash cleaning techniques are more and more efficient, but the car never comes out completely dry. ;

· Keep a microfiber towel in your trunk so that you always have it with you;

· In 2 minutes , wipe off the last remaining drops on the bodywork so that your vehicle is completely dry and shiny .

This material, designed for car drying, does not scratch . The 60cm x 60cm microfiber towel is designed to dry an entire car.

Our other microfiber products for car cleaning

For the complete cleaning of your car , use the microfiber washing glove . It is the solution to easily remove traces and greases without using a cleaning product. This moist rag will absorb all the dirt and make the body shine .

We also offer the microfiber car washing and drying kit . It consists of a microfiber washing glove and a microfiber towel to dry the vehicle.

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